PRPP / Masterplan submitted
  • Splendour Country
    Splendour Country / Masterplan
  • Castellana 69
    Castellana 69 / DD Submitted
  • Complejo cultural y deportivo El Campín
    Complejo cultural y deportivo El Campín / concept design
  • Alburouj North Gate
    Alburouj North Gate / COMPLETED
  • Airbus HQ
    Airbus HQ / Completed
  • Rio55 Business Park
    Rio55 Business Park / Works completed
  • Mendez Álvaro Complex
    Mendez Álvaro Complex / Detail Design
  • Le Carrousel Rabat
    Le Carrousel Rabat / Under construction
  • 7 Pines Ibiza
    7 Pines Ibiza / Opened 2017
  • IKOS Andalusia
    IKOS Andalusia / Completed
  • Jumeirah Port Soller, Mallorca
    Jumeirah Port Soller, Mallorca / New photos of completed hotel gardens
  • Public Park Cerny Most, Prague
    Public Park Cerny Most, Prague / Prague's most modern shopping centre
  • Stihl Training Centre, Madrid
    Stihl Training Centre, Madrid / New training centre
  • Telefónica Distrito C, Madrid
    Telefónica Distrito C, Madrid / 7 years after the completion business park continues to flourish
  • Khalifa Avenue, Doha, Qatar
    Khalifa Avenue, Doha, Qatar / On site

Experts in landscape design

We design exceptional and resilent places for people's well-being

Our creative talent and professional team help our clients make appropriate sustainable decisions

We make beautiful places, transforming the external environment to re-engage people with outside space.

Human health and well-being is at the centre of our re-envisioning of urban and spatial planning by encouraging interaction with nature through good design and increased biodiversity.

Every day we challenge ourselves applying innovative design ideas to help reverse climate change in any way we can, however small.

Sustainability dashboard

Project time line for CO2 balance

Planted trees

Accumulative monthly CO2 footprint by Spacecoop virtual design studio


Le Carrousel works update


10 / 2021

Le Carrousel's Cultural Plaza taking shape - so good to see the site busy again and spaces being created! placemaking is a privilege and an absolute necessity for social connection and well-being in today's world of "screen staring".

Sites AP


09 / 2021

We are delighted to inform all our colleagues and clients that the Spacecoop team is now able to offer services to facilitate the SITES certification process (https://www.sustainablesites.org/). We have achieved SITES AP accreditation and our team is ready to lead a construction project aiming for SITES certification.

SITES certification is specific to landscape projects, with or without buildings.

SITES-certified projects help reduce water demand, filter and reduce stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, improve human health, and increase outdoor recreation opportunities.

Airbus Getafe Campus Opening

04 / 2021

Al Burouj construction update march 2021

04 / 2021

Ernesto Klingenberg Calvo | L35 Arquitectos


04 / 2021

Q. Given the current global situation with the pandemic does L35 envisage in the near future a greater emphasis in projects on inside and outside transitions? Do you think your clients appreciate the importance of combining Architect with Landscape Architect?

A. At L35 we think architecture is about connecting people, not about isolating them. Personally, I refuse to design for a virus infected environment. Indeed, “outdoors” is an ever-important driver for most of our projects - pre or post pandemic. Public space is what glues projects together, so landscaping is important and luckily most clients understand this.

Q. How much do L35 value the exterior space surrounding their buildings in terms of human health and well-being and sustainability? ie. Reducing heat island effect through green roof/walls

Méndez Álvaro complex detailed design submitted

03 / 2021

Spacecoop are currently working with Estudio Lamela on Colonial’s Méndez Álvaro office and residential complex in the South of Madrid, the largest of its type in the Metropolitan area. A total area of 13,000m2 combines sustainable landscaped communal plazas and garden spaces that will encourage collaboration and healthy living. At the heart of the office public realm is a loop of restaurants that a frame a vibrant central open green space enhancing the complex with a unique sense of place.

Luis Asencio Co-founder de Spacecoop tells of the importance of landscaping at Rio 55 Madrid Business Park

11 / 2020

Alburouj Gates projects in construction

10 / 2020

Spacecoop were commissioned to design the entrances sequences to the new Alburouj integrated community of 485Ha located in East Cairo providing luxurious green transitions into the heart of the townhouse complex.

AlBurouj Oct.2020 Construction Update

10 / 2020

Public park Le Carrousel update

09 / 2020

Earthworks have started. Spacecoop advance with the detailed project for the public park Le Carrousel. The park has a cultural and family plaza nestling between hotel and residential projects that are connected via a retail maritime promenade bordering the Atlantic Ocean

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Río55 Madrid Business Park- céntrico, urbano y sostenible

09 / 2020

Hippiements Ibiza - Lifestyle Apartments

08 / 2020

Río 55 construction work has been completed

07 / 2020

The construction works for the Rio55 Business Park- @Grupo Insur have come to an end. Spacecoop designers for the exterior spaces both hard and soft also assisted in the site supervision during the landscape works. The project has been awarded the BREEAM Very Good. Rio 55 is a unique green urban Business Park within Madrid’s ring road the M-30 with 28,000 square meters of gross leasable office space and 400 parking spaces, surrounded by a landscaped area of 8,500 square meters of which 5,000 square meters are for private use for resident companies. The project applies the latest architectural and landscape tendencies that focus on well-being, promotion of innovation, talent and creativity within companies. The buildings were designed by L35 Architects.

Joyn Hotel Detail Design submitted

06 / 2020

Spacecoop have recently completed the landscape detail design for the Joyn serviced apartments in Las Tablas, Madrid. The gardens with an area of 2,200m2 include a 200m2 roof garden, the design concept was to create naturalistic "breakout" spaces for relaxation and outside working for the future inhabitants. The 207-room hotel building has been designed by I-Bau Arquitectos.

DCN Competition Finalist

06 / 2020

The team formed by RH Arquitectos, ABIO, Spacecoop and LDC finalist in the strategic consultancy competition for the development of the Masterplan Framework Guidelines for the urban and landscape design in Madrid Nuevo Norte project.

Infrastructure project has been completed in the Al Shawamekh area, Abu Dhabi.

03 / 2020

The Al Shawamekh infrastructure project has been completed in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City. The residential infrastructure project has a surface area of 1.5 million sqm and was carried out by a multidisciplinary team of Landscape Architects (Spacecoop) & Engineers (Euroestudios). The project will serve 531 residential plots of land, 4 mosques, 3 schools, and 25 social, sports facilities as well as providing integrated infrastructure services for the residents of the entire region.

Le Carrousel landscape design awarded

09 / 2019

The contract for the landscape design of Le Carrousel's public realm in Rabat has been awarded to Spacecoop. The project scope includes the design of two new urban “coastline” plazas and a stretch of seafront promenade that lie at the heart of a new mixed use development by Imkan. Spacecoop will be working closely with lighting consultants LDC and water feature specialists Oase.

Villa Diyafa Extension opened

08 / 2019

Works on the Villa Diyafa Hotel extension ended last August. The hotel is now open to the public. A boutique hotel in Rabat's embassy district, Villa Diyafa’s gardens are based on the life and works of Zyriab have been designed by the International Landscape Architecture office, Spacecoop.