James Braybrooke · Landscape Architect
Luis Asencio · Landscape Architect

Ana María Álvarez · Landscape Architect / Architect
Gumersindo López · Architect
Sandra Donaire · Landscape Architect
Piera Carcassi · Landscape Architect
Ana García Rodenas · Landscape Architect / Architect

Freelance Collaborators

Jeff Wood (Landscape Architect) UK
Tony Francis (Horticulturist / Arboriculturist)
Ramón Gómez (Landscape Architect)
Marta Byrne (Landscape Architect)
Zeina Kronfol Landscape Architect
Pamela Haydamous (Landscape Architect)
Cristina Losa (Landscape Gardener)
Laura Jeschke (Landscape Architect)
Marta Puig (Landscape Architect)
Jonás Prieto (Landscape Architect)
Alberto Moreno (Plant material specialist)
Fernando Pérez (Irrigation)

About us

Spacecoop is a landscape architectural practice that feeds off the multidisciplinary skills of our staff working within a collaborative studio environment. We are based in London and Madrid. The directors, James Braybrooke (London) and Luis Asencio (Madrid), have more than 50 years of experience among them

Our skills come from formal qualifications in landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, urban and regional planning, industrial design and urban horticulture, meshed with the experience of realized projects that span strategic master plans and policy development to built form.


James Braybrooke has been a qualified Landscape Architect since 1992 and worked in Hong Kong for the Hassell Group (EBC Hassell) then in London for Townshend Landscape Architects. In Hong Kong he participated in the Lantau Airport masterplanning and City Polytechnic projects. At Townshend Landscape Architects he worked on the Brindley Place, Thames Valley business park and was in the design team for Bluewater Shopping Centre, Dartford, UK. In Spain he founded the studio Land, Madrid (1997) that designed Las Merecedes a Standard Life business park, restored the Plaza de Parejas, Aranjuez Palace and was commissioned to design resorts for international hotel groups such as Marriott and Intercontinental Hotels.

During a “work sabbatical” between 2006-2009 he became a consultant for Fundación Metrópoli the eco-city incubation LAB and later at Space Syntax the evidence-based urban design / pedestrian movement consultancy.

In January 2007 James founded Spacecoop, a new landscape design / urban design studio in Madrid, that has since been involved in many largescale projects both in Spain and Europe including internationally recognised and award winning Business Park Distrito C, Pegaso City in Madrid (with West 8) and the new luxury Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel in Mallorca. More recently Spacecoop have been commissioned for a series of large infraestructure projects in the middle eastern region and are looking to open new offices in the UK.

Luis Asencio has worked for more than 20 years in the landscape architecture industry. His experience covers all aspects of landscape architectural design from concept design through implementation. He is highly experienced working with multidisciplinary and multicultural projects due to his previous experience in international offices such as Anthony ONeill Architects, Planners and Landscape Architects, Dublin Light Rail Office, Atkins Ireland and RTKL España. He has taken part in a variety of diverse projects, including urban design, urban planning, public park design, sports facilities, public buildings, infrastructure, transportation and others. This experience has given him extensive knowledge and afforded a global perspective of landscape architecture as an integral component of the built environment.

Luis worked with RTKL España during one year, during which he was part of the multidisciplinary team responsible for the Cristalia Business Park in Madrid. In EstudioLAV and more recently Spacecoop Luis has dedicated much of his time to commercial shopping and retail projects. This experience has given him extensive knowledge and a unique specialist “landscape know-how” in this area. With this professional International background working on multidisciplinary and multicultural projects, Luis Asencio has become a highly experienced Landscape Architect able to lead any team or project.


We operate across the broad spectrum of landscape design, sustainable engineering and ecology, with an innovative and contemporary design approach. Our main areas of expertise are: hotels and leisure, business parks, retail, public realm, residential, sustainable development, private gardens.

Our core strength lies in outstanding design skills of our team, close dialogue with our  clients and the ability to understand and respond to any international context.

We deliver high-quality, successful projects, on time and within  the designated budget. We pride ourselves in a unique understanding of spacial context and client needs that enables us to make original designs creating a deep sense of wellbeing for users.


We believe that the improvement in the quality of life through good design is the most fundamental concept in our day to day work.

We believe that it is our task to design exceptional places “Place making”  for people to live and work in. The name for the company was formed from two components that best describe the office intent…the understanding of space and the cooperation between people, partners and like-minded professionals. External space needs as much attention to detail as the most beautiful façade or room. We try to give it a sense of place and logic…a name and value.

The places we make are integrated with their surroundings, inspirational and functional.