Sites AP


09 / 2021

We are delighted to inform all our colleagues and clients that the Spacecoop team is now able to offer services to facilitate the SITES certification process ( We have achieved SITES AP accreditation and our team is ready to lead a construction project aiming for SITES certification.

SITES certification is specific to landscape projects, with or without buildings.

SITES-certified projects help reduce water demand, filter and reduce stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, improve human health, and increase outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) is a program based on the understanding that land is a crucial component of the built environment and can be planned, designed, developed and maintained to avoid, mitigate and even reverse these detrimental impacts.

Unlike buildings, built landscapes and green infrastructure have the ability to protect and even regenerate natural systems, thereby enhancing the ecosystem services they provide.
The SITES Rating System can be applied to projects located in different locations and of different typology, including:
- Open spaces: local, state and national parks, botanical gardens and arboretums.
- Streetscapes and plazas
- Commercial: retail and office areas; corporate campuses.
- Residential: individual neighbourhoods or yards
- Educational/Institutional: public and private campuses; museums; hospitals.
- Infrastructure.
- Industrial
- Etc.

For more information about this certification please contact us and visit the website